Green Electronics

Buy it Right the First Time

Green Electronics is a Seattle area based company that aims to be your one-stop-shop and most trusted source for green electronic’s design innovations for your home, business, community and lifestyle. We serve green minded consumers who seek better performance, simplicity and long lasting value from their products and system solutions while also being more energy efficient and less harmful to the environment.

We bring over 50 years of product management expertise from the consumer electronics industry. And unlike many other electronics resellers, we do not sell everything under the sun, (excuse the pun). We’re pickier than that. Just because a manufacturer puts a solar panel on an electronics gadget and calls it green, doesn’t necessarily mean it is green and more importantly, a better product solution overall. That’s our difference in thinking and approach. After all, the greenest product you can own is the one you’ll actually use, enjoy and never want to part with. Hence, “Buy it Right the First Time.”

Learn more about what we look for in our product and system solutions in resources or contact us directly.